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The story

These days, humans are not only stuffing the planet with trash, we are also starting to litter in space. Everything from old rocket parts to cameras are orbiting the Earth, posing a threat to future space adventures. Now, you have the opportunity to help scientists and future space travelers by removing some of the debris floating around. Join the Custodes, to be a hero of the Universe today!

Custodians of Space is a slingshot gravity game developed in Unity. The mission is to save space from floating debris! To do that your are given control of a rocket ship made to collect debris. Use the gravity of different planets in each level to calculate the perfect route and collect as much debris as you can. The more missions you have completed the harder it gets to clean up space. Watch out for asteroids, meteors and black holes on your journey to save the Universe.

Mockup of the game in iPhone

The team

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Cornelia Damber Håkansson

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Karolin Gjöthlén

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Kerstin Ersson

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Per Engström

Where did you get the inspiration from?

We wanted to make a semi-realistic space game, that would be fun for people on all ends of the physics-knowledge-scale. Also, we thought it would be nice to incorporate an actual problem of today, that of all the debris orbiting space. The rest is, as they say, history…

What was the trickiest part of making the game?

The gravity visualisation was surprisingly tricky. The low-level graphics programming required us to think about the problem in a new way, especially since graphics rely heavily on parallel execution.

To make the player move just like we wanted it to. Both when launching but also when using thrust. With that we got help from the employees at Precisit.

How long time did it take to create the game?

From idea and concept to launch at App Store and Google Play it took 6 weeks. Crazy right!?

Is there any hidden features in the game?

Maybe... Hahaha, we don't want to spoil anything for you who haven't tried it out yet! But I would definitely recommend looking around in the app.

Did you guys know one another in advance?

Coming from Umeå to Uppsala I didn't know anyone. I didn't even know what you guys looked like!

The only one I knew a little was Karro, from the Student Union. Pelle was a total mystery, since he doesn’t have Facebook...

We were all hired by Precisit to do something cool (a.k.a. Precisit Summer Project 2017) during 6 weeks in the summer!

Is there any future plans?

In the future, we hope to maintain the game as much as possible. It would be fun if we could continue with the developing and maybe make some new levels.

Do you guys all have a favorite mission?

Mission 7.

The last one, Mission 15.

I like Mission 11, it really shows what you can create with different forces.

Mission 5!!! Just because it was one of the first of the trickier missions we created. Now I nail it everytime!


If you have any questions about the game, feedback or just want to meet over a coffee and talk about space – don't hesitate to reach out!

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